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The Ruby Rose Eyebrow Shadow has a high pigmentation, containing a mirror and three shade colors, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Black accompanied by a primer for a long duration and fixation of your makeup.

Contains a duo brush, which can be used to outline and blend.

Suitable: For all shades of eyebrows

To create the perfect eyebrow design, follow the step by step below.

1- The primer can be applied to better fix the shade.

2- Once this is done, choose the color of the eyeshadow that is most similar to the shade of the eyebrow hair.

3- Mark the entire bottom part first, from beginning to end.

4- After that, drag all the applied shadow across the eyebrow, to create a natural effect.

5- Take more eyeshadow and apply to the highest part of the eyebrow, to highlight the look more.

6- After that, take the Ruby Rose concealer in the tone of your skin and with the help of a brush with synthetic bristles, apply at the edges of the eyebrow demarcating the desired shape.

7- Do the same thing on top and then blend well!

8- Now you have a natural and flawless eyebrow.


Ruby Rose


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